Mer- - Claire Croizé & Etienne Guilloteau

27/10/2017 - 27/10/2017

Celebrating life with death
In their new creation, Claire Croizé and Etienne Guilloteau reach towards the horizon. Five dancers and five musicians perform a polyphonic piece of singing and dance, composed around 15th- and 16th-century polyphonies about death, sadness and pain. Nevertheless, there is also space for lightness and joy. Indeed, in addition to being unknown and mysterious, dying is a banal and ‘everyday’ event. From the moment you are born, death is constantly approaching: life in freefall. By acknowledging death, Croizé and Guilloteau aim to celebrate life to the full.
• The transience of our existence is a vital element in the work of Claire Croizé and Etienne Guilloteau. They have performed both individually and as a pair at the Kaaitheater before, with productions like Synopsis of a Battle (2013), Feu (2015) and EVOL (2016). For Mer-, they are collaborating with the Pluto ensemble conducted by Marnix De Cat, which specializes in Renaissance and Baroque polyphony, but also connects it with new music.

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