Midnight Sun


13/03/2020 - 14/03/2020

Midnight Sun Midnight Sun Midnight Sun Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun is a total theatre performance that was inspired by many different sources. It could a movie directed by one of Hitchcock’s disciples, featuring characters casted by Almodovar, with a script by Tarantino. 

A house of horrors ? A house of wonders ? Piano, chandelier, armchair… in an elegant living room that could be seen at David Lynch’s Club Silencio, you’ll witness a splendid, cruel and absurd humanity. When behind closed doors, our humanity is unleashed. Midnight Sun, is a role play in which everything is allowed but where relationships are governed by strict rules… A man is tempted by tantalising daemons. 

It takes high flying circus artists, talented actors and dancers to set this baroque and graceful story in motion and create a subtle and fluid harmony. There will be chases directly inspired by silent films. There will be funeral oratorios that disconcert like a sarcasm. 

Midnight Sun is in three parts and three colours – white, red and black – and might take you on a parodic journey to uncover the mysteries of alchemy. Here, magic is reigning.

J > 15 : 14 / 9 €
J< 15 : 18 / 12 €

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