Mimi et Momo

Mimi et Momo

Mimi & Momo need you! Help Mimi to find the objects hidden in the museum. As for Momo, he only recognises black, yellow and red. Can you show him all of the colours? An adventure through Belgium and its history with plenty of things to see and touch!

Themes :  History -  -  

Duration : 1h

Language Spoken :  English - German - fr,nl 

Participants : max 25

Picknick : En face, à l'agence bruxelloise du tourisme.(Daphnée Baekelmans 02/549 50 68)

???event.promotion??? : Oui, mais elle doit être mise à jour

Additional information : For children between 3 and 5 years old, accompanied by an adult
Reservation mandatory for groups with more than 10 children. Please foresee minimum 1 adult for 5 children.

Practical information