BELEXPO is an interactive exhibition over climate and cities of tomorrow, initiated by Bruxelles Environnement. Take your class for an experience that will make you love the city of tomorrow! Explore new ways of urban living: travelling easily without pollution, reducing waste, eating better, finding new occupations and green professions, living in more comfortable homes and schools using less energy, etc. Thanks to your digital bracelet, will you succeed in completing the missions in the 10 thematic neighbourhoods of BELEXPOy? You will find the route to be taken by your pupils, additional information and ideas for actions on the belexpo.brussels website. Materials to help you extend the exhibition missions at school and really take action for a better city. More than ever, the contents of BELEXPO will be valuable tools to help you think over and discuss green transition with your classes.

Themes :  Citizenship - Brussels - Environment 

Duration : 1h30

Language Spoken :  fr,nl 

Participants : 120.0

Visit resources : An educational route: to prepare the visit and make use of the results of your class, BELEXPO offers various activities depending on the level of the pupils. References to school programmes included. See www.belexpo.brussels/en/preparing-my-visit and https://www.belexpo.brussels/en/after-my-visit.

Picknick : A space is accessible at RestoBel, on the first floor

???event.promotion??? : Oui, et elle ne nécessite pas de mise à jour

Additional information : Admission every ¼ h ; opening times, admission fees and booking on www.belexpo.brussels

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