21/11/2017 - 22/11/2017

Mix-en-scene is a project that aims to develop an acoustic, visual and choreographic experience for the audience, where the performer/dancer/dj, plays a live music set as well as activates choreographic scores. The scene itself is accompanied by visual pieces generated in real time.

It is about building an acoustic and visual session that reproduces mixes and remakes historical and iconic samples of dance, music and visuals. The proposal makes a journey that experiments with the chronology and the superposition of artistic styles and principles, using postproduction strategies and the dj spirit of appropriation, manipulation and remixing of materials.

The project was originally initiated by the choreographer and dancer Amaranta Velarde and later on the artist and creative technologist Alba Corral joined with the aim of presenting an experience that becomes relevant in its audiovisual as well as its choreographic aspects.​

Practical information