Moses Sumney

20/11/2017 - 20/11/2017

Moses Sumney's mellifluous, haunting voice has been a siren for us since he emerged onto the scene in 2014. He's leveled us time and again with his powerhouse recordings and dynamic live performances. We've admired his organic, patient ascent - something all-too rare in this hurried musical climate. Now, for Sumney's next act, we'll join forces to release his proper full-length debut. 
Earlier this month, Sumney and director Allie Avital gave us the devastating, provocative video (nay, film!) for Sumney's single, "Doomed." Its stunning allegory for longing and inability to connect is timeless like the song itself. Atop billowing synths, Sumney, in a pleading, intricate falsetto, questions if one's inability to engage in romantic love may signify a far-greater damnation: "Am I vital if my heart is idle? Am I doomed?"
Sumney's forthcoming Aromanticism is a concept album about lovelessness as a sonic dreamscape. Set for a September 22nd release, it seeks to interrogate the social constructions around romance. The debut will include "Doomed," which in a way serves as the album's thesis statement, as well as new versions of standouts "Lonely World" and "Plastic."