Mothers & Daughters #2

15/12/2017 - 15/12/2017

Well I was dancing at a nightclub one Friday night And that nightclub bar was a little uptight Yeah, I was dancing all alone a little self-conscious When some kids came up and said “for dancing come with us.” And soon…

I was dancing in a lesbian bar, ah-oo, ah-oo I was dancing in a lesbian bar, ooh, ooh, ooh – Jonathan Richman, “I Was Dancing in the Lesbian Bar

For the last three Friday nights of 2017, the team of queer arts magazine Girls Like Us are taking over the Beursschouwburg café and turning it into a lesbian bar. A third space. A lesbian space. A safer space. Run by lesbians for lesbians and their friends. Not your regular bartenders, not your regular menu, not your regular economy, not your regular programme, not your regular decor and definitely not your regular evening. A nod to a previous generation, who defined lesbian culture, and a tribute to precious lesbian bars everywhere, Mothers & Daughters is a space for celebration and otherworld activities and encounters, in the centre of town.

A third space. A place outside of home and work where lovely people congregate.

A safer space. Open for free expression and experimentation.

A lesbian space. Run by lesbians for lesbians and their friends.

In the framework of THE FUTURE IS FEMINIST.

Practical information