Murmurô – Variation sur l’immobile

05/12/2017 - 09/12/2017

Through its murmurs, Murmurô – Roaring breath, rumour of the muscles, and rustling of blood - sketches the portrait of a woman, an outsider who, through her body, energy and movement, suggests a possible freedom. The character is crossed by the figure of a witch, a different being that opposes and questions the civilised man. The woman of borders takes care of darkness, of all that we cannot see, and is intent on making the unknown emerge. Darkness and freedom, woman and animal, body and energy, survival of a figure, the witch forces us to question our relation to the world.

Murmurô is the third part of Variations sur l’immobile, a series of solos created according to the same artistic demands: bringing the motionless image on stage, putting it in movement by maintaining the form in a specific frame, giving rise to troubling and moving images that open up a space without imposing their discourse.

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