Museum of Capitalism


06/01/2021 - 14/03/2021

Museum of Capitalism

Created in 2012 by a collective of citizens, the association Musée du Capitalisme covers various initiatives including a travelling and bilingual (NL/FR) exhibition on our economic and cultural system, accessible to the general public from the age of 15.
What can be found in the Museum of Capitalism? Origins, hopes, limits and alternatives to capitalism: the four rooms of the exhibition return to the fundamentals of a system often mentioned but rarely explained. Capitalism is discussed in relation to various themes such as food, health, culture, consumption, the environment, finance, etc. To allow visitors to exchange on these subjects, no Monopoly or Karl Marx's book, but rather videos, texts, interactive installations, testimonies and animations.

The project, which is engaging but non-partisan, is part of a life-long educative approach and is above all based on exchanges during guided tours organised for schools, associations and the general public. Individual visits are of course also organised and are intended to be just as stimulating, thanks in particular to brochures available in French, Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Arabic and Italian. Our wish is that, at the end of the visit, each person leaves better equipped to assert themselves fully in their citizenship.

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