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Are you a collector at heart? Discover the magnificent collection of artworks and choose your favourites to create a personal mini catalogue. The tour focuses of the theme of ‘collecting’. Why do we collect things? How is an art collection created? What is the criteria for choosing the work? During this discussion, students are encouraged to select 3-4 works that they would include in their own mini catalogue of the exhibition. Creative work begins in the museum and ends with educational teaching including a variety of techniques such as drawing, painting and collage.

Themes :  History - Art 

Duration : Tour-workshop : 1h30 à 2h00

Language Spoken :  fr,nl,en 

Price :  Tour + workshop : 75€ / guide Tour + workshop : 100€ / guide (more developed workshop recommended from 12 years old) Free for children under the age of 18 + 2 accompanying persons / 15 pupils 1 guide / 15 pupils 

Participants : Max. 30 élèves

Visit resources : Dossier pédagogique présentant les collections permanentes disponible sur demande

Additional information : Key Skills :
- Put forward and defend personal opinions and tastes with reference to artworks
- Identify types of expression and art
- Articulate ideas about a particular piece of art

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