New date: Het Zesde Metaal


19/02/2022 - 19/02/2022

New date: Het Zesde Metaal

Het Zesde Metaal is the sincere and rightly successful vehicle of Wannes Cappelle and his fierce clan: Tom Pintens, Filip Wauters, Tim van Oosten and Robin Aerts. Together they’re a truly tight, wonderfully honest, movingly melodious and deliciously detailed playing group who, after their angrier CD ‘Calais’, have now created the once more personal 'Skepsels'.

Always a topper in a PopPoll, BelPop 100 or sometimes a Lage Landen listing. With thanks to staunch, sensitive hit ‘Ploenowgsteert’, music fans then know: ‘het is nog al nie Naar De Wuppe’, also not for 'De onvolledigen'.

Onward and upward, towards an infinitely rust-free future. Always with room for charming nostalgia like 'Tid Van Ton' = after the sold-out spring club tour and then a gig here and there in the summer too: onward and upward to the "laaa lalaa lalaaa" walhalla ...

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