New date: Kaki King


15/11/2021 - 15/11/2021

New date: Kaki King New date: Kaki King

This is a Covid Safe Ticket concert! What do you need? Finally back, with latest CD Modern Yesterdays, and we’ll simply say more with some Anglo-Saxon praise:"Provocative and moving, surprising and beautiful, Kaki King deconstructs and redefines the role of solo instrumental artist through virtuoso technique, insatiable imagination, and boundless humanity.""Everything about this show is special… a visual and auditory experience that’s interactive, striking and worth experiencing." Guitar World"It's a beautiful thing when two entirely different art forms fit so well together that the boundaries between vision and sound, hand and ear, line and note, begin to blur. We're feeling that particular kind of synesthesia..." Huffington Post "King’s evocative performance was a sumptuous feast for the senses, a dizzying display of sound and vision by a guitarist already renowned for her innovation."Boston Globe"Bare, powerful, and propulsive." KUTX Austin "A shockingly gifted, stunningly complex performer who's just slightly out of place in too simple a setting." LA Times"Kaki King is a different kind of hero: Largely eschewing aural pyrotechnics, she’s widened the interpretive range of the guitar through exploration and collaboration… [now] she transforms her very ax into a projection screen." – TimeOut

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