Next Generation, Please!

Next Generation, Please!

The project Next Generation, Please! sets out from the same point of departure: bringing together young people, artists and politicians to write a new chapter in the European story. How does this generation see Europe? Does it have enough faith in the European story or has the existential crisis of the union dealt a fatal blow to the European dream? For each school year around ten projects are selected. Each project consists of a partner organisation, a school of a group of young people and an artist who spend a year together on a political-artistic journey. The result (performance, installation, photography, video) is on display during a dynamic festival that runs in spring in BOZAR. In addition, there are debates open for schools in which young people, artists and political experts can enter into dialogue about the political, social and economic challenges Europe is faced with. Guaranteed food for thought!

Themes :  History - Citizenship - Art - Europe 

Duration : according to demand

Language Spoken :  fr,nl 

Picknick : BOZAR ne dispose pas d’un espace de restauration pour les groupes. Nous vous recommandons donc les lieux suivants pour pique-niquer dans le quartier :
Cafétéria BIP – Brussel Info Plein &
Cafétéria KBR – Bibliothèque royale de Belgique.

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