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15/03/2022 - 19/03/2022

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Combining object theatre, video, puppetry and live actors, Isabelle Darras’s creation tells the story of three women relegated – just as the accessories that surround them – to the lost property department. Claire, an equestrian stuntwoman in between jobs, retrained as a receptionist and so met her colleagues, Christelle and Teresa, all three as out of place as each other in this dreary basement. Little by little, under Claire’s impetus, the objects will come back to life and these three women will make their own revolution.

None of the things around us lasted long enough to age, they were replaced, rehabilitated at full speed. Inspired by this phrase from Annie Ernaux, Isabelle Darras here constructs a device whose monochrome aesthetic draws not least from Roy Andersson’s You, the living universe, between neo-vintage and retro-futuristic. She depicts a kind of no man’s land in which the trajectory of objects, like that of people, symbolizes distraction and the search for resistance to the absurdity of a crushing system.

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