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23/02/2021 - 06/03/2021

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At the junction of object theatre and puppetry, Isabelle Darras’ creation tells the story of three downgraded women, reduced to the status of found objects in the lost and found they now inhabit. Claire, equestrian stunt woman unemployed since she suffered a fall, now working the welcome desk, meets her colleagues, Christelle, book editor and Teresa bus driver, all of them working the same basement counter. How will these women with “unusual career paths” manage to fight back in our throwaway society?

At the center of Isabelle Darras’ work is an examination of the fragility of people facing the bureaucratic and social behemoth. Fed by this sentence by Annie Ernaux “ These days, objects don’t age anymore,” she builds a scene that owes its neo-vintage, retro-futuristic monochromatic esthetic to Roy Andersson’s Nous Les Vivants. She describes a sort of no man’s land in which people and objects are lost as they search for a way to resist the absurdity of a system that shreds us.

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