Ouvrir le temps (the perception of)

30/08/2017 - 31/08/2017

Between Eva Klimackova’s dance, the eyes of plastic artist Laurent Goldring and the voice of poet Gherasim Luca, a subtle exchange begins as the body searches for ways to move to account for the strangeness and plasticity of Luca’s voice. An enigmatic liaison begins between gestures and words.

Between severity and absurdity, disappearance and disfigurement, the body is abandoned to a strange relationship with the troubling words of poet Gherasim Luca. It folds, twists, stretches whilst other configurations arise, both in bodies and language.

A nuanced manner to move perception, in flat surfaces and ridges.

An evening made up by 3 pieces cf. une mystérieuse Chose, a dit e.e.cummings* & Peut-être elle pourrait danser d’abord et penser ensuite

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