PINK SCREENS Le Circo de la Drag + afterparty


08/11/2019 - 08/11/2019

PINK SCREENS Le Circo de la Drag + afterparty

Le Circo de la Drag is a research on Brazilian popular music in parallel with events currently taking place in the country. It reveals itself like an urge to discuss our world in terms of pleasure and criticism. Since 2017, the troupe has been exploring the links between popular music and linguistic innovation. Le Circo de la Drag presents Brazil from the urban experience of citizens immersed in the fragmented world of information, television and social media. Somewhere between delicacy and cruelty, it is also a way of making irony. Love against prejudice. Art against fundamentalism. Humor against intolerance.


Afterparty with Ricky Corazón & @SanCarlos

Ricky Corazón has been bringing electropical sound to Brussels for 10 years now, thanks in particular to the Gelatina parties. Today, he returns especially for this afterparty to make the dancefloor sweat with Latin beat and other culture: bailefunk, cumbia, merenhouse, reggaeton, pop! Esto está encendido na, na, na, na, na, na!

@SanCarlos strongly believe in the power of music, specially music in Spanish. His sets includes Movida Madrileña, Cumbia, Pop, 80’s, banda and Reguetón and from time to time some other hits in different languages, from Lambada in Portuguese to Dalida in Spanish. 


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