Part-Time Friends

08/02/2018 - 08/02/2018

They write their pop music from the sunny side of the street : no splits, no tricks, no divisions here. Their songs both take one step ahead and encompass a large scope.
Pauline and Florent met in college : ten years later, they’ve paired to create a whole bunch of edgy, fun, catchy melodies they are showing the world with their first album. Their music, honest and strong, are also a canvas for their feelings. «They’re little band aids to the soul,” they say, smiling. “Our lyrics are about love, fears, hopes, heartbreaks and scars. All those topics that matter to us have to be expressed in the simplest way. Their stage name, Part Time Friends, is also another definition for their tight yet rocky relationship : “Sometimes, we just have to argue. But every time we manage to sort our problems out. At the end of the day, nothing is more important than our band and our friendship.” Along 11 tracks, Fingers Crossed evokes Christopher Owens’ straightforwardness in composing, American dreams and great spaces, surfing the way the Beach Boys used to (on their future hit “Here We Are”, Hollywood fifties era (on “Johnny Johnny”) or the highly addictive and sunny French pop music of Granville, with whom they also recorded a track. “Their music is simple, yet edgy, deeply human and therefore healing. We really hope this is something we have in common. Our collaboration was a memorable one for us”. Their future definitely holds promise.

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