Paul Casaer invited by Eva Wittocx


11/11/2018 - 21/12/2018

Paul Casaer invited by Eva Wittocx :: © Paul Casaer

The new work that Paul Casaer realised for the Hopstreet Window in the Rivoli Building departs from the properties of space and the meanings that space evokes. The artist treats the original display window, which the gallery later transformed into a small white-cube box, as a window that promotes merchandise and encourages passers-by to purchase something. The object of this desire is exchangeable but the interaction remains the same: there is a display that's viewed, people ogle, desire and possible succumb. The artist doesn't laud a specific object; he focuses on the dynamics generated by the context. In the window, he only presents a scale model of the window itself.

Paul Casaer (°1967) is docent aan Kask, Gent. Zijn werk was o.a. te zien in Galerie Hanfweihnacht Frankfurt, CAB Brussel, Koraalberg Galerie Antwerpen, Flacc Genk, HGB Galerie Leipzig, Z33 Hasselt, Maison Grégoire Brussel, Fotomuseum Antwerpen, Netwerk Aalst, Centro Universitario Mariantonia São Paulo, Galerie Archetype Brussel, MHKA Antwerpen, Stedelijk Museum Lier, Be-part Waregem, Museum M Leuven, Musée des Beaux Arts Charleroi, Mu.ZEE Oostende, NICC Antwerpen, Beursschouwburg Brussel, Witte De With Rotterdam, De Singel Antwerpen, Paço das Artes São Paulo, CC Strombeek, University of Plymouth, Tafa Gallery Tianjin, Caldic Collectie Rotterdam en het Belgisch Paviljoen op de Architectuur Biënnale van Venetië.

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