Paying for it


12/11/2019 - 23/11/2019

Paying for it :: © ©Wim Lots

The La Brute collective is examining a taboo: prostitution. Via documentary theatre, it raises questions about the sexual service marketplace, and further, the place sex holds in society.

The product of investigations and stage writing led by seven ESACT graduates, the show covers different aspects of prostitution. On one hand the female slave trade (Nigerian and Albanian networks…) and street prostitution are at the center of the field work which took place in the very neighborhood of the Théâtre National. On the other hand, the words of women who have “chosen” this trade and who are fighting for the recognition of their rights will also be highlighted on stage.

The roads that lead to prostitution often cross those of drug addiction, financial debts, online meeting sites which lead to student prostitution, a taste for money earned and spent outside the system, etc. Paying For It researches these practices which are multiplying.

Carefully documented are the artistic team’s many exchanges with prostitutes, members of the Vice Squad, clients, and associations for the defense of sex workers, and with sex worker spokesperson Sonia Verstappen who has been associated with the project since its inception.

In trying to uncover the secrets of an opaque world, Paying For It wishes to eliminate the stigma that crushes these women. And far from justifying prostitution, the show reminds us that to try to eliminate it will just make it worse.

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