Pied de Poule (10+) Studio ORKA


25/03/2020 - 28/03/2020

Pied de Poule (10+) Studio ORKA

A tailor’s shop.
The people here prefer handicraft to the production line
hundreds of metres of fabric on the roll, pounding sewing machines
and here and there the whiff of mothballs.
Big, tall, thin, fat, bent, crooked and smart people glide past.
Now and then one of them knocks at the door.
For a repair or a lost button
or for ‘something made to measure,
if that’s possible’?

Inside a world full of seamless wrinkle-free beauty
Studio ORKA demonstrates how some people just can’t fit into any suit.
Because they struggle with their bodies and who they want to be.
A story of how an apparently perfect exterior is at odds with an unhappy interior.

Or how painful the ideals of beauty can be.

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