Pink Martini

31/05/2018 - 31/05/2018

Pink Martini currently consists of 13 musicians who have mastered various languages and musical styles. This translates itself in the band’s oeuvre. They have absorbed even more musical influences during their tours of Europe, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan, Lebanon and America. During a concert of theirs, the audience can find itself successively visiting a samba parade in Rio, a Cuban café, a French theater from the ‘30s, an Italian mansion or Japan. The singers are comfortable speaking fifteen languages, with a vivid musical accompaniment that sways between classical, jazz and pop.

Their albums are released on Heinz records, an own label that thanks its name to… Lauderdale’s dog. ‘Sympathique’, ‘Hang on Little Tomato’, ‘Hey Eugene!’, ‘Splendor in the Grass’ and ‘Joy to the World’ all went gold in France, Canada, Greece & Turkey and were sold legally more than 2.5 million times worldwide.

In 2011 they released a compilation album (‘A Retrospective’) and a collaboration with Japanese singer Saori Yuki (‘1969’). The band has now worked with countless symphony orchestras and fine folk like Rufus & Martha Wainwright, Henri Salvador, Georges Moustaki, Gus Van Sant, Courtney Taylor-Taylor (The Dandy Warhols), The von Trapps and even with the original cast of Sesame Street. Their songs were picked up in various films (recently ‘Souvenir’ with Isabelle Hupert), series (‘The Sopranos’) and advertising campaigns.

Following on from “Get Happy” (2013) and “Dream a Little Dream” (2014), “Je Dis Oui” was released late last year. It is a very optimistic album that confirms that values like  ‘global inclusion’ and ‘collaborative spirit’ are no hollow concepts for Pink Martini. Aside from Rufus Wainwright, on ‘Je Dis Oui’ you can also enjoy the vocal presence of Ari Shapiro (NPR), Ikram Goldman (fashion icon) and human rights activist Kathleen Saadat.

It promises to be a heartwarming evening.

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