Pleasant Island - Slke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere / CAMPO


18/03/2021 - 20/03/2021

Pleasant Island - Slke Huysmans & Hannes Dereere / CAMPO :: © Ilse Philips

Nauru, or "Pleasant Island" is a small island hiding in the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the smallest countries in the world. The history of this place seems like a parable for our modern age that is decimated by colonization, capitalism, migration and ecology.

After its enormous phosphate wealth was depleted, the island is now living off the backs of Australia, which set up refugee camps there for refugees who tried to enter Australia in vain. But what purpose does it serve, since Nauru is threatened by an ever rising sea level?

In this historical and ecological impasse, documentary theatre makers Silke Huysmans and Hannes Dereere capture this tragic, post-apocalyptic setting and, by extension, the fatigue and exhaustion of our entire planet, in a particularly intelligent and sensitive tone.

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