RADIO PANIK: Brussels Alternative Show

27/09/2017 - 20/12/2017

The Brussels Alternative Show has been running on Radio Panik since 1996. The show was originally created & hosted by Maurizio DJ Athome, started as BIS ART SHAKER and turned into the Brussels Alternative Show in 2015 when he decided to expand the show with new residents Lawrence Le Doux, Dimitri Runkkari & Handless DJ.

Ambiant, early 90's techno, acid house, dub, industrial, new wave, alternative disco, cosmic, krautrock, rocksteady, post punk, Afro, Funk, Boogie & more recent techno / house are the basic fields explored by the Brussels Alternative Show depending on the mood, the focus or theme, the guests. 

“We’re just as likely to play electro, punk, dub and experimental music as well as a Gregorian chant. You get the point. The idea behind it being to break the idea of mono-style clubbing, where over the course of a night it’s either techno or house.” Of course BAS has nothing to do with clubbing per se,but more with creating 90-minutes of music where at times you’ll want to dance and at other times dream and meditate.

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