Rebetiko Raporto- Gavrilos Kokonas Band

06/10/2017 - 06/10/2017

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Gavrilos Kokonas is a singer, guitarist and composer with a lot of knowledge on rebetiko music (the Greek blues).
His grandparents were refugees in Greece during the exchange of populations (between Turkey and Greece) after the Asia Minor catastrophe in 1922. This period the early rebetiko music developed strongly after the influences of the prison's songs, the traditional Greek songs, Smyrnaiiko music as well as the music of Bosporus. The main rebetiko song refers to the period 1933-1943 and his most important spokesman is M. Vamvakaris. So the newest urban-laiko song (rebetiko song) emerges and consolidates first in the big ports of Greece due to the refugee element and the intense cultural activity, and then to the rest of Greece. Expressing the bitterness, the misery and suffering of life, rebetiko music becomes world famous as the Greek blues that touches it's listeners with its authenticity and special virtuosity.
Gavrilos Kokonas after many years of collaboration with the great Greek singer of traditional songs Chronis Aidonidis and other great artists such as Domna Samiou, Mariza Koh, Nikos Oikonomidis, Afentoula Razeli, Mario, Antonis Ainitis, releases his first album "The Trip" in 1996 with mainly his own compositions.
His new album is an anthology of beloved rebetiko songs that were sung and still sung on the Aegean coast and all over Greece. These songs were created before and after the Second World War. Don't miss this trip with Gavrilo Kokona (guitar and vocals), Ganni Kadoglou (bouzouki and vocals) and Saki Mitka (baglama and vocals)...

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