Reinoud Van Mechelen & a nocte temporis


14/02/2019 - 14/02/2019

Reinoud Van Mechelen & a nocte temporis :: © Reinoud Van Mechelen © Senne Van der Ven

If there was one musical style that was all the rage in 18th-century London, it was the Italian. Handel composed a whole series of Italian operas over three decades, Corelli's orchestral works were published there, and Geminiani moved to the city. But the English were also fond of less exotic influences. The London audience had been captivated by Scottish traditionals since the early 17th century, in the reign of James I. This is demonstrated by the handsomely-published collection of Scottish songs, Orpheus Caledonius (1725). While the unruly Irish were less easily reconciled with Londoners, a good number of Irish ditties also turned up in the musical life of London. A Nocte Temporis, the ensemble built around star tenor Reinoud Van Mechelen, therefore had plenty to choose from when compiling this surprising Scots-Irish programme.  

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