20/02/2020 - 21/02/2020

Résiste Résiste

Résiste combines a wire and visceral music for incredible and smart feats. A performer stays for an hour on the wire, without touching the floor or a support. But hold your breath, there is more to see than meets the eye. The wire is a bit lose and can break at any point. Falling is always an option, yet it’s never an option. Oh, there will also be another performer who has a strong tendency to disrupt things…

In spite of everything, the wire artist resists. Together with the musician – who stays on the ground – they create a bond. The musician breathes for the wire-artist and shake like a leave at her every move. 

Combining wire-walking and tightrope-walking, Johanne Humblet plays with instability and the fragility of her every move.

Just like Schuiten and Peters’ drawing L’enfant penchée, the girl with pale fox hair is not following the most commonly used routes, she doesn’t obey to gravity. The wire is not straight, you can’t always progress 360. Only her could come with such an idea!

J > 15 : 14 / 9 €
J< 15 : 18 / 12 €

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