Rimojeki (Live electro D/ISR) - לטאות הענק מכוכב הניבירו


18/10/2019 - 18/10/2019

Rimojeki (Live electro D/ISR) - לטאות הענק מכוכב הניבירו Rimojeki (Live electro D/ISR) - לטאות הענק מכוכב הניבירו

Live electro band van Berlin/Israel
for more info www.rimojeki.com
The Hebrew magicians say that there is no war except the sex war. We have no second of history in which the women and mother's sense of justice run our planet, Terra.
What we do have is masculine and imbecile creatures who act as if they stuck in kindergarten without a responsible adult.
The Hebrew magicians say there is not only one God. We used to have a Godess and her name was "Ashera".
She was beautiful, very smart, and of course, she left her violent, boring husband "Jehova". He will not rest until he is left alone in the universe and then what exactly is the plan?
When species know their natural place we can complete our planetary phase from which we can join our galactic family that waiting for us there in the constellations of stars in space.
It was important for us to remind you of this subject before we go back to the inner-Earth. it's a matter of freedom.
the Hebrew magicians say that it was "She" that chose to know in the price of death and that is the most important decision anyone made in front of Reptilian gods, so why not let her continue to decide ?!

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