14/11/2017 - 18/11/2017

In an inn, the Captain, a braggart accompanied by his valet, recounts his adventures and accomplishments. Cloak and dagger exploits, alexandrines, high sentiment, duels, epic, spectacular and unlikely narratives.

While recounting his adventures, the Captain meets a mysterious young lady who has arrived at the inn and who is intrigued by his bragging. Is he a Commedia dell’Arte Capitano boasting about imaginary accomplishments? A Cyrano who recounts authentic exploits? A Don Quijote mixing up fantasy and reality?
The scenes in the inn and the adventures recounted take turns, alternating moments of comedy, theatrical fencing, songs, dances, pantomime, and more moving scenes, finishing with a final adventure in which it all comes together in a joyful cacophony.
A show by the Vivre en Fol Compagnie, for everybody from 8 years up."

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