Ruben Desiere, La fleurière @ Cinema Galeries

03/11/2017 - 04/11/2017

In the back room of a flower shop, Tomi, Rasto and Mižu dig a tunnel in order to reach the safe at the National Bank. Unrelenting rain causes the system of tunnels to flood, and they are forced to stop their efforts.

Following Kosmos , the debut film by Ruben Desiere, we now present his second feature film. Together with the Bâtard Festival, we are supporting the screening of this recently graduated filmmaker.

location: Cinema Galeries

as part of Bâtard Festival 

BE | Cast: Tomàš Balog, Rastislav Vaňo, Vladimír Balász, Bartolomej Mroč | Photography: Ruben Desiere | Editing: Elias Grootaers | Sound: Lennert De Taeye, Nina de Vroome | Sound Editing: Sabrina Calmels | Mixing: Thomas Gauder | Colorist: Raphaëlle Dufosset | Producers: Rasmus Van Heddeghem, Ruben Desiere

In the framework of THE FUTURE IS FEMINIST.

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