24/11/2017 - 25/11/2017

The world is changing rapidly! Especially in the city with an influx of new people and new forms of art. The KVS therefore plans to bring the amazingly inspiring artistic undercurrent of the street to the stage. Which explains SLOW. Through spoken word and urban theatre, SLOW (Slam Our World) gives us a unique artistic perspective of our world. An international guest will be invited to each SLOW session. Following several weeks’ residency in Brussels, s/he will share the KVS stage with local artists, in an attempt that is both heroic and vulnerable, to capture the colourful, multi-faceted soul of the city in verse.

For the third SLOW session, KVS is inviting a slam poet from Kinshasa. Slam is extremely popular in the Congolese capital – as a poetic and eloquent, but simultaneously powerful and urgent way for engaged artists to share their vision of society, daily life and politics with the audience. Slam exists by way of competitions and performances, and is a form that feels at once contemporary and age-old: it is reminiscent of the storytellers or griots who have fulfilled an essential role in oral culture for centuries.

In August, KVS will be going to Kinshasa with the Belgolese rapper Pitcho Womba Konga, where they will be staging workshops and encounters and searching for a contagious interurban synergy. Knowing Kinshasa’s intrepid artistic climate – where Brussels is halfjokingly known as ‘Lola’ (‘Paradise’ in Lingala) – this SLOW will offer a unique window on both capitals.

Practical information