“SRISHTI. Creation”

08/10/2017 - 08/10/2017

The 50-headed international orchestra plus composer and arranger consists of young Indian musicians, as well as teachers and students of the Akademie der Kulturen NRW and other German universities. The young musicians realized the performance in a novel, fascinating fusion.SRISHTI. Creation – Schöpfung is a fusion of sounds that resonates both in nature and the universe. Music stimulates the human mind, the inner world and the body – essential to inspire the human spirit. In the recent past, the growing popularity of electronic music and synthesized, digital sounds has surrounded a generation of listeners in such a way that it lost its way of enjoying the sounds of nature.The mixture of the unmistakable nature of these old ragas with the sound colors of Indian and Western music makes SRISHTI a fascinating experience. The performance aims to rediscover the origins of the universe and explore the unique role of sound in the world – “Nada Brahma” – the power of sound in the process of creation – SRISHTI.

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