Safe 'N Sounddays #8: Bach In(ter)ventionen


25/04/2021 - 25/04/2021

Safe 'N Sounddays #8: Bach In(ter)ventionen Safe 'N Sounddays #8: Bach In(ter)ventionen

Anyone who talks about (piano) music will sooner or later inevitably talk about J.S. Bach. However, in the performance Bach In(ter)ventionen we want to ask the question how Bach inspires us and how we can transfer his music with renewed inspiration to the young "TikTok"-generation.

In order to really search for the DNA of his musical structures, we opt for the intimacy of the two- and three-part Inventions. In this work, which forms one of the foundations of piano pedagogy, Bach seems to reduce musical gestures to their essence in order to create the different worlds that form the 30 Inventions.

In dance, Alexandra Pholien highlights the structure of the music by translating musical gestures into danced gestures; sometimes at the same time as the music, sometimes as a line detached from the music.

The encyclopaedic structure of Bach's Inventionen - two times 15 pieces dealing with the common keys one by one, with musical material as characteristic and different as possible - inspired Alexandra to link keys to parts of the body on the one hand and places in space on the other hand.

Due to COVID19 we will organise an online streaming of all the Walter-concerts between January and the end of May 2021.
From the moment we're allowed to host a real audience, the Safe 'N Sounddays will be live and very intimate concerts, only 25 people allowed each set. The eight o'clock concert will get a live streaming for those of you enjoying the music at home.

It's Walter's way to open up your ears and relaunch safe and intimate live concerts in 2021. By buying a ticket for this concert (series) or the streaming, you are directly supporting all musicians envolved.

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