Sahara Blues: Terakaft - Doueh + Afterparty by Afriquya


23/11/2018 - 23/11/2018

Did you know that the ancestral music of the Saharawi people shares many of the same characteristics with the blues? A stripped down rhythmic framework, a narrative, the same melodic modes, strings and themes like love, war and the human condition. This is not really such a surprise as the desert bluesmen express the harsh life they lead in this desert but not deserted region.

The Sahara, which extends from Morocco to the banks of the Senegal River, lies at the crossroads of Arab-Berber and Central African cultures, of sedentary and nomadic people, such as the Tuareg and the Sahrawis. The caravans and trade contributed to the development of a vast musical landscape, with vocal music and shared rhythms. Nowadays, the legacy is more fragmented, due to regional conflicts. In spite of these difficulties, Sahara Blues focuses on artistic creation in the Sahara as a whole. Starting with two groups, who embody the “desert blues”, known as “Assouf” (melancholy) in Tamasheq, the language of the Tuaregs.

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