Saint-Gilles/Sint-Gillis, naturally!


16/09/2017 - 17/09/2017

A nature and biodiversity walk in Saint-Gilles. Really? In such a built-up setting? What’s left of nature in a municipality full of surfaced streets and buildings? You’d be surprised…
Saint-Gilles was once a rural territory with fields, windmills, farms and a fort. All types of sprouts were grown there to feed the inhabitants of Brussels. The famous Brussels sprout originated there and is the reason for the “kuulkapers” nickname (literally “sprout cutters”) given to inhabitants of the municipality. Today, very few traces of this agricultural past remain. However, Saint-Gilles is still home to an abundance of natural riches, many hidden green spaces and a surprisingly visible level of biodiversity.
Developed by Brukselbinnenstebuiten at the request of the Saint-Gilles Department of Sustainable Development, this discovery walk will allow you to explore the rural past and recent and future nature projects in Saint-Gilles.

In cooperation with Saint-Gilles municipal council.

Practical information

    • place Van Meenen 39
    • 1060 Brussels
    • Saturday and Sunday all day. Route guide available at Pelgrims House (Rue de Parme/ Parmastraat 69), the Horta Museum (Rue Américaine/Amerikaanse straat 25) and at Saint-Gilles town hall (Place Maurice Van Meenen/Maurice Van Meenenplein 39) open from 9h30 to 17h00 on the occasion of Heritage Days (info on the website of the municipality).