Salt - Eko Supriyanto

19/10/2017 - 19/10/2017

Following the international success of Cry Jailolo and Balabala – both created with young people from the Indonesian province of North Maluku – dance pioneer Eko Supriyanto has shifted his focus to himself with a solo. He revisits the theme of Cry Jailolo: the threat to his homeland’s marine life. He explores the relationship between Javanese cultural heritage and the rhythm of the underwater world – a world without gravity where another perspective emerges. He draws from his classical dance training, his diving experience, and the Javanese agricultural tradition of carving in the ground. 
• Eko Supriyanto is one of the central figures of Indonesia contemporary dance. Trained in Javanese court dances and the Indonesian marital art Pencak Silat, his career spans an impressive journey across Indonesia, Europe, the United States and East Asia.

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