Sanctuaire Sauvage - Collectif Rafale [BE]


18/10/2019 - 20/10/2019

Sanctuaire Sauvage - Collectif Rafale [BE] :: © Cécile Massou

Rain has a way of bringing out the contours of everything; it throws a coloured blanket over previously invisible things; instead of an intermittent and thus fragmented world, the steadily falling rain creates a continuity of an acoustic experience.
– John Hull, becoming blind at the age of 45 –

SANCTUAIRE SAUVAGE is a live sound performance that uses circus bodies to produce an acoustic universe.

Our approach is centered on the state of blindness and is freely inspired from lives and stories of blind people.

It all starts with two sisters. The dad could never see neither of them. The sisters want to share the way of their father to feel. Especially the discovery that the loss of sight opens a new way of experiencing the world.

The idea is to offer another approach of the performing arts by moving away from sight and developing other ways to experience circus.

We want to offer our audience a sensorial experiment that will transport them somewhere else by increasing their perception of their other senses beyond their sight, in order to create another reality.

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