Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek: between architectural and natural heritage


16/09/2017 - 17/09/2017

Decorative ironwork, entrance gates, balcony and garden railings, sculptures, sgraffitos, stuccos and stained glass windows are all greatly inspired by nature and by the world of animals and plants; depictions that are sometimes very realistic, sometimes highly stylised. From a viewpoint on the side of the Senne valley, discover the mix between urban development with remarkable trees and architectural heritage with its “natural” decoration, as far as the precious green lung that is Schaerbeek.
This guided bicycle tour will wind its way around the outskirts of the Huart Hamoir Quarter, from Schaerbeek train station to Josaphat Park, passing though Place Eugène Verboekhoven/Eugène Verboekhovenplein and Place Colignon/Colignonplein (which is home to a couple of peregrine falcons), as well as beautiful Avenue Louis Bertrand/Louis Bertrandlaan.

In cooperation with GRACQ – Les Cyclistes Quotidiens (local Schaerbeek chapter).

Practical information

    • in front of the Church of the Holy Family of Helmet
    • square Riga
    • 1030 Brussels
    • Saturday and Sunday at 14h30 (duration: 2.5 hours)
      Don’t forget to bring your bicycle! Bicycle rental not available on site. Station Villo! no. 170, Square François Riga/François Rigasquare.
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