Seeing and embracing Brussels (coach + on foot)

Seeing and embracing Brussels (coach + on foot)

This bus tour is about the city’s diversity, its extremes and contradictions, its problems and challenges and the dynamics of Brussels. It includes the development of the medieval city with the commercial districts near the Senne and Coudenberg Palace; the 16th century docks; the 19th ­century redevelopment (including the central boulevards); industrialisation along the Canal towards Charleroi, Tour & Taxis and the Abattoir; the introduction of green spaces with Brussels Park and the Botanical Gardens; Art Nouveau in the squares; working ­class neighbourhoods, including the Marolles and Petite Senne; office developments with the World Trade Centre in the Quartier Nord and the European Union in the Quartier Léopold; immigrant neighbourhoods including Matongé, Petit Château and the stunning modernisation around Saint ­Géry.

Guided Tour Themes :  Highlights 

Duration : 3.30 hours

Language Spoken :  Dutch - English - French - German 

Indicative price for a group of maximum 49 people

Additional information : The price does not include bus rental. There is no additional guide for the walking part. The price for companies is €320; The price for socio-cultural associations is €205.

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