Si j'étais moi


02/03/2021 - 14/03/2021

Si j'étais moi :: © © Marie-Helene Balau

Sven Punti Larsen, powerful businessman and the heir to a global fortune, his sister Emma, an artist, and their chauffeur/bodyguard Mat, go for a wild and alcohol fueled tear across the city, from a luxury hotel lounge to a homeless shelter by way of the top of the Atomium in Brussels. Being both actors and narrators, the three characters fill this grating comedy with visions and archetypes: the powerful, the foot soldier and the witch.

Drawing on Rimbaud’s play on words "Je est un autre", the saga of these changing characters weaves and deploys different storylines to illustrate a reflection, a mirror image between reality and fiction. Like a sarcastic and dreamlike after hours club, the story banks on the improbability of the situations that are brought together to create a sham of reality in which the three characters ambulate. An epic ride in the form of a hallucinatory fable, which calls for rebellion against the dominant ideology and to laugh at the peculiarities of our era.

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