Simon Keenlyside

22/01/2018 - 22/01/2018

‘A light mind, a light heart, they say; but a mind that is too light often hides a heart that is too heavy.’ Franz Schubert’s bitter words could be applied to many of his vocal compositions, where beneath the cheerful rhythms and apparently simple texts lie the existential doubts and poignant melancholy of the artist’s soul. Always sensitive to the wishes of the composers he interprets, the famous British baritone Simon Keenlyside invites us to join him in an exploration of the subtle range of emotions in Schubert, along with other composers such as Hugo Wolf and Henri Duparc, in whose music levity and melancholy also mask each other. Simon Keenlyside has not sung at La Monnaie since 2008, so it is a great pleasure to be allowed to follow him anew along this introspective pathway.


Works by Franz Schubert, Hugo Wolf, Henri Duparc

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