Slapend Rijk

29/03/2018 - 29/03/2018

SkaGeN uses everything in its power to persuade you, the spectator. However, precisely what is being sold is not immediately clear. But there is no doubt that it is of vital importance. We subtly rebut your prejudices. We shoot our competitors down in flames before your eager eyes. With charm and flexibility we take the long route to winning your support for what we are selling. As the evening progresses, you will become increasingly tired and your combativeness will slowly crumble. Your initial enthusiasm will start to falter and give way to doubt, excuses, memory loss, etc.

For 18 years, the SkaGeN theatre collective has created fantastic, critical and adventurous theatre. Even those who know the company well have no idea what to expect. Grotesque gothic? Distilled minimalism? A mass of pioneering techniques or a great nothing?

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