07/10/2017 - 07/10/2017

Slowdive is the legendary shoegaze band fronted by Rachell Goswell and Neil Halstead. In 2017 they returned after a hiatus of 22 years with the record “Slowdive”, which was considered as good as their older works by critics.
In the nineties the British band grew out to be one of the most influential and acclaimed shoegaze acts, along for example My Bloody Valentine. Aside from releasing the classics “Just for a Day” and “Pygmalion” they mainly wrote history with “Souvlaki”, a truly legendary piece of work that stood out with its emotional, bitter sweet dream pop.
After quitting in 1995, Slowdive returned in 2014 with a world tour that saw the band playing late-night slots at Primavera, Best Kept Secret and Pukkelpop. The reviews were unanimously favorable: the band was clearly not one of those acts who tried to gain easy money with a sterile show for nostalgic fans.
This year we saw this once again confirmed on their latest release, a record that demonstrates Slowdive are still the true masters of their craft. It’s also without a doubt one of this year’s best albums. Rachel and her men have grown old in in style and you can’t help but notice it in everything they do.