20/12/2019 - 21/12/2019

Smoke :: © Stef Stessel

SKaGeN, De Roovers & De Nieuwe Tijd are joining forces to create a contemporary version of the Paul Auster classic Smoke. Six actors, a simple but clever set and a lot of fervour to meet each other on stage will make for a smashing performance.

A black boy changes his identity and seeks refuge with Paul, an author who has fallen on hard times. The boy seeks and finds his biological father – but then what?

Paul walks into Auggie’s cigar shop in Brooklyn, NY. For fourteen years, Auggie has been taking the same picture every day at the same time, in front of his shop. He invites Paul to flick through his photo albums. Paul concludes that they are all the same – but then he sees his own wife in various pictures, including one from the day she died. Ever since his wife was murdered on the streets, Paul is unable to write a word – but that’s about to change.

Chance also has a surprise in store for Auggie: after years of absence, his wife returns to tell him they have a daughter together, who needs his help …

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