Solo & Indré

18/10/2017 - 18/10/2017

‘The mix of Baltic and West African folk styles is an unlikely one, but the sound it creates is relaxing, thoughtful and oddly saddening, in the most beautiful way.’ – SonglinesIn this concert, the Senegalese griot Solo Cissokho on kora and Lithuanian kankles player Indre Jurgeleviciute combine the warmth and playfulness of the southern hemisphere with the melancholy and the quiet of the north. Never before have their instruments paired up in a musical collaboration. The kora’s percussive nylon strings and the silvery steel ones of the kankles ring, patter, ripple, blend and interweave most pleasingly in a mutually responsive conversation around Solo’s joyful, fractured voice and sometimes Indre’s more enclosed singing, each of them drawing on and offering both Senegalese and Lithuanian traditions to the other, expanding both in the process. 

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