Stéphane Galland (the Mystery of) KEM feat. Ravi Kulur

08/09/2017 - 08/09/2017

Kem refers to the colour black in ancient Egypt, the fertile black earth. Stéphane Galland surrounds himself with the most daring and talented of the new generation of Belgian musical adventurers and one of the greatest contemporary Carnatic flutists, Ravi Kulur from South India, to forge new rhythms.
Whether with Ibrahim Maalouf, Aka Moon, or in Lobi, the meeting of cultures and the enrichment of musical and rhythmic language have always remained the main source of motivation for Stéphane Galland. With (the Mystery of) KEM, the drummer traces the roots of rhythm, the convergence of all the musical traditions that he has absorbed and merged into his own language.

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