Stranded at Flagey!

Stranded at Flagey!

Visit the Flagey neighbourhood. The Flagey building is the radio building housed in what looks like a mundane ocean liner overlooking the Ixelles ponds. Opposite the Flagey building, the reflections of aristocratic houses shimmer on the water. Each house is prettier than the last and is evidence of the belle époque of Art Nouveau, Eclecticism, Neo-traditionalism, Modernism or Art Deco. Each facade is the perfect reflection of its era. The ponds meander through the landscape and find their way to the source of the Maalbeek: the site of a Cistercian abbey and later the prestigious La Cambre school!

Guided Tour Themes :  Neighbourhoods 

Duration : 2.30 hours

Language Spoken :  Dutch - English - French - German 

Indicative price for a group of maximum 20 people

Additional information : The entry fee to the Flagey building is not included in the price. In this case, set aside €50 for the group. Maximum 20 people per group.

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