Summer Party

27/08/2017 - 27/08/2017

The Boghossian Foundation celebrates the Summer with a Party, the perfect occasion to visit the exhibitions Mondialité and Chun Kwang Young during a day mixing culture, music, sun, food and refreshments around the pool, until 9 pm.

Behind his turntables, Darko will offer a mix of contemporary electronic music echoing the mission ofe a set of electro-fusion.
the Boghossian Foundation, a centre for art and dialogue between Eastern and Western cultures. Darko’s DJ set will take you from Tehran to Brussels, via Tel-Aviv and Berlin. In addition, artist-in-residence Chooc Ly Tan, will propos
About Darko
Passionate about music since he was a teenager, Alain Benitsy is the man behind the mythical Statik Dancin’ parties. Mixing minimal house with cutting edge techno, Darko was the first resident DJ at the Palais des Beaux Arts, for which he created the Brussels Electronic Music Festival in 2008. Renowned for his eclectic sets, Darko signed soundtracks for the fashion shows of the Antwerp Academy, La Cambre Mode and Barbara Bui; he also regularly collaborates with prestigious fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton and Sonia Rykiel. Darko DJs in Belgium’s best nightclubs and festivals, including I Love Techno, Dour, Le Fuse, Silo and les Transardentes.

About Chooc Ly Tan
Chooc Ly Tan is an Afro-Asian artist, DJ and voyager, born in France and living in London. Her practice sets out to suggest new visions of reality by subverting tolls that are usually used to understand the world, such as logic or physics. With a penchant for electronic music Chooc Ly’s DJ sets present a varied selection, ranging from Techno, experimental music from the Arab world, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, high-voltage Electro, through to fusions that haven’t been named yet. Recently her work has been shown at Minsheng Art Museum, Beijing, China and Gasworks, London and she has performed at the Tate Modern, London.

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