01/10/2017 - 31/10/2017

With the SUPERDEMOCRACY exhibition, three cultural institutions will join in dialogue with the Belgian Senate in October. BOZAR in Brussels, BPS22 in Charleroi, and M HKA in Antwerp will add a cultural dimension to the Senate’s current questionings.The Senate is the assembly of federated entities, a place for reflection and dialogue between communities on "transversal issues". The artwork of BPS22 and M HKA will also establish a dialogue between them, with elected officials and citizens, on these transversal issues. As they enter the Senate, they will also open the debate on the evolution of democracy, which, like the ever-increasing diversity of our society, sometimes called “superdiversity”, could well become a "superdemocracy".The SUPERDEMOCRACY exhibition will focus on fifteen issues in as many rooms of the Senate, exceptionally open to the public. In each instance, an artist from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation and an artist from the Flemish Community will be brought together with a third artist, from another community. The result is a unique opportunity to discover the similarities between the works and to follow their invitation to participate in the debate.This debate will be fed throughout the month of October by "discussion rooms" and conferences proposed by the three partners, and in particular by BOZAR, on the themes of the exhibition.