16/12/2017 - 16/12/2017

Aaaaah, we really love a good debate or a vigorous discussion! Time for conversation! We transform our theatre hall into an intense club for dialogue. 20 tables will see just as many opinion formers join to discuss a central theme. This time, that will be ‘feminism’, in a broad sense. From intersectionality, the debate about headscarves, radical feminists and pioneers; you can speak with everyone about a crucial question: what kind of future do you see for feminism?
There is a light hanging above the tables. If it is on, then that person is in a conversation. If the light is off, you can sit down for a heated discussion. Centrally located in this area is a large communal table. You can eat something there and exchange views with other participants. In between the conversations, there are interventions, from spoken word about music to video.
This will be an evening of arguing like you never did before! Face to face with your relevant hero or enemy. Or who knows, you may get to know someone completely unacquainted and find that you have crucial views in common?

In the framework of THE FUTURE IS FEMINIST.

Practical information