29/03/2018 - 29/03/2018

A plea for the imagination
How do you develop a rich imagination? Where in society is it still possible to fantasize collectively and unashamedly? What happens when you can simply forget and ignore everything that people consider to be normal? In a stimulating theatrical game, you as the audience explore the limits of the imaginable, beyond what is true, good, or politically correct. Our collective memory with all its images and truths turns out to be a grab bag brimming with possible stories. Can the most cheerful, strange, improbable, maladjusted, and wild fantasies influence the world that we share together? The stakes in the game? To make time and space for our own imagination.
• The work of Dutch theatre director Emke Idema takes place in a kind of social laboratory, at the intersection of theatre, the visual arts, social sciences, and gaming. She was hailed by both the press and the public for STRANGER – which will be performed at the Kaaistudios the same week – and RULETM.

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